About Us

Welcome to Dance Research Forum Ireland (DRFI), a non-profit, international, interdisciplinary, inclusive, and all-embracing society for dance practice and scholarship in Ireland, conceived in both local and global senses.

Summary of Aims:

• To promote and encourage dance research, performance and scholarship, in all its manifestations, in Ireland and abroad
• To construct a community of dance specialists and scholars within an international network
• To make available a discursive platform for the presentation and development of theoretical, methodological and practice-based concerns in dance
• To make this dance knowledge available through seminars, symposiums, conferences and publications
• To represent Ireland within the global discourse in dance studies: a discourse which is inclusive and interdisciplinary

The Forum provides a platform for presentation, discussion, and critical reflection on issues relating to dance in Ireland and welcomes dance artists and scholars, both in Ireland and abroad, from all traditions interested in dance.

It is important that Ireland is represented within the global discourse in dance studies and all perspectives and disciplines relating to dance in Ireland are included in these discourses. These include: Ethnochoreology, Anthropology, Sociology, Folklore, Dance History, Gender Studies, Irish Studies, Diaspora Studies, Reconstruction, Documentation, Performance Studies, Practice Theory, Cultural Studies, Cultural Geography, and Dance Education.

If you are interested in belonging to this community of dance scholars or if you wish to know more about us or events that we organise, please continue viewing. Equally, if you wish to contribute to the development of dance scholarship in Ireland do consider joining us.